Financial Report

Finance and Accounting

Track your financial transactions in a smart way to build a stronger foundation for your organization

For an organization to be successful, a smart and intelligent financial system is needed which can provide extensive reports based on the business needs and helps keep track of all financial transactions


Our Financial and Accounting system helps organizations to maintain:

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Our Services


we provide initial consulting to our customers to help them understand their as-is situation, processes and policies to manage their Finances. We identify various gaps that can result in financial inaccuracy and revenue loss and define roadmap to mitigate those gaps. We bring industry standard Financial Automation process and map with the customer environment seamlessly which will help successful deployment of the system.


Our system has the lowest Go to Market timelines because of 80:20 ration of configuration and customization. Most of the functionalities required by modern enterprise are present in the system. It needs to configured according to the business demands of the organization. Because of its adherence to open standards, it can get integrated with any existing system seamlessly.


Our system is  Java based and with its source code availability, it makes it easier for us to customize the application the desired level of our clients. Even though most of the features are available readily in the application but some businesses demand specific requirements. And we can customize exactly aligned to the business requirement and get enterprises accelerating in their customer engagement.


We provide end to end support for all our deployments with models which can meet all sorts of customer environments. We provide both onsite and offsite support options depending on the criticality.