Anti Malware Solutions

Smart Malware Protection

Modern Technology for Modern Day Threat

Malware is an inevitable truth in the modern day cyber threat list. Attackers are continuously evolving with newer ways to penetrate enterprise networks. Our threat protection mechanism needs to be intelligent and smart to detect these innovative ways of attack and protect our enterprise networks. Our solution is built on a unique and patented malware disarming technology which cleans infected files and recreates them for end user with a cleaner version.

What we offer

Five Layered Protection

A Solution which runs five anti virus engines which continuously and simultaneously checks media and files that reaches your organizations. It provides the widest coverage from anti-viruses in the new age scenarios.

Extensive File Type Check

Our solution does continuous check on the various file types against the standards each file type follows. This ensures extensive protection from any kind of manipulated file types to reach your end users.

Disarming Malware

Our solution follows a complex mathematical algorithm to detect hidden malware in the media and file, disarms it and sends the clean file to the end user.

Management Server

Our solutions provides a comprehensive management server to enforce corporate security policies centrally and keep and continuous monitoring on the performance of the malware engine.


Why Us

Why choose a next generation malware protection system over traditional one

Protects you from known threats of the past and unknown threats of future

Uses complex mathematical algorithm to detect unknown threat

Map your business processes with the threat protection engine for seamless operation

Our Partners


Odi developed odix, an advanced, next generation threat neutralization and removal process based on advanced heuristics and mathematical algorithms. Unlike legacy solutions, odix can neutralize and remove both known and unknown threats. Moreover, odix is easily integrated into existing business processes, ensuring maximum security and maximum productivity.