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Sharjah based government travel company protects remote users with Blockchain based unified access platform

About the Customer

The customer is a Sharjah based government travel company providing travel related services to the citizens of UAE. With more than 10 locations across UAE, the client has been providing travel solutions for more than 2 decades now. Other than these locations they also have registered agents who does transactions on behalf of the client.

The services provided by the client are:

  • Flights

  • Vacation Packages

  • VISA Packages

  • Hotel Bookings

They also have an online digital channel to provide these services to their customers.​

Business Need

The customer has multiple remote locations and the users need to continuously access critical data from their centralized data center in the Head Office for day to day transactions. They also collect critical data from their customers like passport copy, national id's, financial details etc. Also during the Covid - 19, there were several business critical users who were working from home and were accessing business applications via VPN. The client felt that the remote access via VPN is not a secured way as it might get compromised and critical data might reach malicious hands. They were looking beyond the traditional approach and exploring solutions which can assure 360 degree protection for their local and remote users.

The Solution

Konvexe proposed Block Armour - A next generation Blockchain based unified access platform which will solve the customers below problems:

  • Work from home needs to accommodate employees working round the clock over diverse geographies, the traditional network perimeter has expanded exponentially; and most solutions are not geared to support this diversity natively 

  • Resource allocation and access for employees needs a different level of verification and identification along with close quarter monitoring of the access protocols.

  • Cyber threats for wide perimeters were never accounted for in traditional solutions.

  • Existing processes on traditional security systems do not lend themselves to a desired “Zero Trust Model”

  • Efficient segmentation of the network to protect it from malicious attacks but still provide access to legitimate users in a dynamic environment is a complex and difficult task

  • No guarantee that each endpoint, user and device in the network is secure, especially with the growth in devices due to work from home.

  • Existing firewalls may not be completely tuned for secure access via dynamic public service providers

  • Lack of proper logging and monitoring of network traffic for continuous visibility

  • Burden on IT budgets and resources due to high cost and cumbersome deployment

The Architecture

Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 11.54.48 AM.png

What is achieved

With the implementation of Block Armour the client replaced VPN, NAC, Server Protection with only one platform leading to unification under one technology.

  • Policies that grant access to a resource (application) for a given user and device combination

  • Users and digital IDs

  • Access logs

  • A real-time access map depicting the access policy and resources currently being accessed

  • Dashboards and reports


"With Block Armour we have unified our entire access control mechanism for local and remote users which has provided simplicity to our IT team"

Manager - IT and E-Commerce

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