Cloud Security

With organizations rapidly moving towards cloud, securing these environments has become the top priority. We provide a comprehensive and resilient solution for cloud security.

Digital Adoption and Cloud Security

The recent pandemic of COVID-19 has disrupted how organizations have been doing business. From traditional to modern businesses, everyone had to re-think their IT strategies because this will not be the last disruption that they have to face. Being agile, resilient and innovative are the most important factors in building future strategies.

One of the major adoptions recently has been cloud. It has changed how we work as these environments are connected, open, scalable and also vulnerable. A traditional security strategy might not effective in securing these versatile cloud environments. 

What is needed?

Our cloud security suite enables organizations to protect their entire cloud environment and provide end to end visibility.

Controlled Data 

Control unmanaged cloud apps

Publishing of sensitive data on cloud might compromise critical business parameters. We help you create policies to restrict data which can get published in the cloud.

Don't disrupt business by blocking  thousands of cloud apps which are not managed by IT. You can allow these apps by applying granular controls and monitor risky activities.

Continuous Audit

Our solution helps you to do continuous audit on your cloud environment and ensure all security gaps are mitigated. This ensures that your critical data is secured in your cloud.

Web based Threat mitigation

Make your cloud environment resilient to web based threats like ransomware, malware in real time. 

Compliance and Governance

It is easy to manage compliance and put governance policies in on-premise environments but it might get complicated in a cloud environment. We provide comprehensive mechanism to help organizations comply to standards in their cloud environment.

Adaptive Access Control

Our solution allows you to apply policies for managed devices accessing the cloud and web, as well as unmanaged devices accessing managed cloud services. 






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