Cyber Security

Identify | Analyze | Eliminate

We come across numerous tools which helps us to monitor and generate reports on the malicious activities in our IT environment. However, without a proper co-relation of events and activities holistic protection of your IT environment is near to impossible. We provide a next generation solution which provides the entire storyline of a cyber threat and helps to mitigate it from its root. The AI enabled engine of the tool helps to track the attackers path in realtime and help security team to mitigate it realtime.

What it Does

Reduce Alert Fatigue

With so many monitoring and management tools in the IT environments, IT security teams are flooded with alerts. It is reported that 90% of the alerts are not addressed by the security team and they don't bother to identify the root cause. Our solutions relational approach helps to differential real threats from alerts. The AI powered engine continuously creates relationships of events happening and dynamically informs the potential threats to the team.

AI Enabled Threat Hunting

With connected environment strategy today, organizations generate terabytes of data. This connected environment also creates a potential threat and intrusion which might compromise security. Our AI enabled engine runs through these siloed data and creates leads for potential threats and helps security teams mitigate them in real time.

Track Attackers Action

With relationship building on the data and events from various points of an organization, our system is capable to tracing the attackers path when the attacker moves laterally within your environment, track them them when they are living off your IT environment and detect insider threats and their path.






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