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Cyber Threat Hunting

Co-relate multiple data points to analyze attack path with AI driven mechanism

The need of co-relation

The modern-day attackers are smart and they have intelligent ways to evade standard security perimeters. With work from home becoming new normal IT environments have become more vulnerable. With multiple point security products existing environments which generates humungous amount of data makes it nearly impossible for security teams track and mitigate all treats. With so many point solutions there are multiple security blind spots available which are exploited by attackers. Co-relating data from multiple sources which includes your cloud, datacenter, endpoints, applications, mobiles etc. and using AI to provide understandable and actionable data to the security team helps them to mitigate these next generation cyber threats. We provide an AI enabled Autonomous XDR solutions to meet modern day security needs.

What do we provide

Co-Related Data Investigation

With so much siloed security solutions, petabytes of data is being presented to the security team. Our XDR solution helps co-relating multiple data points and create meaningful actionable data for the security and threat hunting team.

AI enabled Alert Investigation

With so many point security solutions generating alerts in their own capacity, its humanly tough to recognize false positives. With our AI enabled XDR solution, we help security teams to attend the right alerts on time.

Incident Response and Management

Our AI enabled XDR solutions dwells over months of data and tracks attackers lateral movement across the network and provides complete campaign path. This helps the security with machine investigated storylines and allows them to take mitigation steps in realtime.

Overcoming SOC Challenges


Making SOC smarter


Detect meaningful treats by co-relating all data points.


Use AI and Human intelligence to co-relate events and reduce threat noise.


Provide prescriptive remediation steps to mitigate threats.


Use inputs from multi vendor tools and provide actionable suggestions to hunters

Our Partners


Kognos is a purpose Driven & Machine-Assisted Threat Hunting technology which Proactively hunt and identify sophisticated attackers in real-time with the industry's first community-driven cyber threat hunting platform.

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