Security Risk Analysis

Protect yourself from the unknown

Its time to consider dark web seriously

The digital explosion is real and it is expanding continuously. We all are a part of it as businesses across the globe has taken the digital leap. It has changed the perception of doing business and along with that news risks have evolved. Your digital identity is your strength but it also needs to be protected in the digital arena. Knowing your security vulnerabilities in details and mitigating them continuously is a perfect mix of human and machine intelligence. Our solution keep a constant watch on your brand reputation in the digital world and keeps your alert.

What we provide

Digital Risk Score Card

Continuously monitor your security posture and rating against your industry peers. This helps your organization to keep up with the industry standards and provide ready reports to security auditors.

360 Degree view

You need to know how a hacker sees your organization from outside so that all the unknown and unseen vulnerabilities are mitigated from any attack. Our solution provides comprehensive visibility of your network and system vulnerabilities

Remediation Plan

With our perfect combination of human and machine intelligence we provide adaptive remediation plans for you. Based on the remediations, we help you to identify short, medium and long term security interventions to achieve a desired score.

Compromised security can become a serious threat to brand and business. A CISO needs to continuously invest in keeping and upgrading the security posture of an organization which needs investments. With our CISO dashboards, business owners get the ROI in spendings done for information security.

CISO Dashboard


Your business gains

Brand Reputation Protection

Audit Ready Reports

Dark Web Monitoring

Smart Anti-Phishing 

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Foresiet is an end to end cybersecurity solutions provider with FLAGSHIP products to secure individual, Enterprise, and Federal Government. Foresiet is a SMART and SECURE Digital Platform, a unique combination of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Applied Research.