Digital Marketing

Engage your customers on their emotional need and they will be forever loyal to your brand

The process of marketing is a distinct art which often get diluted with the with the digital tools available in the market today and we have started terming it Digital Marketing. Before we make it “Digital”, we have to understand and strategize marketing objectives. These will be later fulfilled by various digital channels available today.


As a part of our Digital Marketing strategy, we believe in engaging with our customers throughout the customer funnel journey and ensure desired results are delivered.

There are 4.5 billion active internet users in the world and 3.8 billion social media users. These figures indicate the potential digital marketing has in todays era.

Our engagement starts:

  • From understanding the objective of our customers

  • Doing market research

  • Defining marketing strategies appropriate for the identified product / solution

  •  Execute it in different digital platforms

  • Monitor and excel.

Understanding Consumer Behaviour

Understanding the consumer behaviour will help customers to drive their emotional aspect and position products and services. To Motivate the customer to buy identifying the need gap is very important. Once the need gap is identified we can drive emotions through that need gap.  As a Digital Marketing company we emphasise on shaping the behaviour, understanding the "why" of the behaviour and then drive motivation to inflate that behaviour. 

Digital Marketing - Consumer behaviour

Actions against the consumer funnel

Behaviour of Digital Customer

digital customer behaviour.png

The behaviour of a digital customer is entirely different. They can leave your funnel at any point of time. The traditional linear funnel often doesn't work with customers. As depicted in the diagram above once the customer is motivated to buy, he will search it on various digital platforms and once he considers the product he will read reviews, watch videos and will decide to buy once satisfied. However, that doesn't mean that the sales is done as he might ask his internal network and check for one last time before he buys and if he gets a different opinion he might leave the funnel and buy a competitor product. 

We, at Konvexe understand this behaviour well and define our strategy in such a way that we keep the customer engaged throughout the funnel and ensure he doesn't go to competitors.

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