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Cyber Securit Assessmet

Cyber Security Assessment

Evaluate your organization's current cybersecurity processes, practices, and tools and measure them against our next cybersecurity roadmap based on best practices such as NIST, SANS, and Gartner, and track our experience improvement. Dig deep into the installation process and vulnerabilities to assess the underlying security. Advice on growth rates and plans as well as discounts.

Maturity Roadmap

Our cybersecurity assessment services help organizations assess the current state of cybersecurity to grow and develop a strategy for the future.

Framework & Process

We assist our clients in developing the appropriate cybersecurity framework or using our own best practices and implementing relevant methods.

Tech Stack and Configuration

We understand the technology process, analyze settings and propose real solutions.

Security Operation Center

Security Operations Center

Design and create SOC / next generation SOC plan including people, process and tools. Soc conversion programs that convert an organization's legacy SOC to the next generation SOC. SOC uses services to create SOC / next generation SOC.

Design and Develop Next-Gen SOC

Our strong background in Security Operations Center design and development allows us to assist our clients with SOC growth assessment, redesign, and NextGen SOC design and development.

SOC Transformation and Maturity Assessment

SOCs help coordinate the various functions of security operations to continually monitor, detect and respond to complex cyber threats. To be truly responsible, the development of SOC is essential.


Governance, Risk and Compliance

Evaluate current GRC practices, identify gaps and make recommendations. Automate the GRC process by defining and implementing appropriate GRC solutions. Identify and help manage GRC matrices.


Our expertise in the GRC field is unique for our customers. We can evaluate the GRC requirements and recommend automation to ensure a smooth process suited to today's business and regulatory 



Manual processing of spreadsheets and notes slowed down GRC and caused confusion, inconsistencies, and errors. Intelligent automation can reduce or eliminate these problems by putting tasks in the "hands" of software robots.

Business Continuty

Business Continuity

Analyze current BCM practices, identify gaps and make recommendations, conduct business analysis (BIA). Establish a framework to implement BCP, including processes, procedures, test plans, exercises, CMT.


In today's dynamic business where high performance is required and continuity is not an option, our experience in using continuous business processes and system standards helps our customers achieve their continuous monitoring goals, making implementation seamless.

Framework Implementation

We can help organizations implement a business continuity framework, implement processes appropriate for their business needs, and ultimately achieve ISO 22301 certification by guiding them on the path to continuity.

Certification Roadmap

Manual processes involving spreadsheets and legal pads can slow down GRC and lead to duplication, inconsistencies, and errors. Intelligent automation can reduce or eliminate those issues by putting the work in the “hands” of software bots.

CISO Advisory

CISO Advisory and Consulting

Understand business strategy and plan strategies and plans for network and data security. Measure the current situation. Develop security management standards, frameworks and methods to develop and implement information security as a strategy and security organization. Manage information security practices to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations and regulations.

CISO as a Service /V-CISO

CISO is a strategic position, which needs considerable experience, special skills, and business understanding to safeguard the business from information security-related threats. For organizations who need CISO expertise on an advisory and consulting basis due to financial constraints, our CISO as a service or V-CISO model would provide a cost-effective alternative.

Cyber Security Framework and Roadmap

Everemerging technologies, new business models, increased outsourcing, and stringent compliance needs have brought up new challenges for CISOs. Having experienced the CISO challenges and pain areas first hand, we are better positioned to handhold CISOs through the thick and thin of professional challenges.

Strategy and Maturity

As security challenges are everchanging with the business environment, compliance obligations, emerging technologies, and their innovative use, an appropriate strategy need to be developed to cope with this dynamic environment and ensure that the organization remains resilient.    

Assurance and Audit

Assurance and Audit

Information security audits on regulatory, statutory, legal, and contractual compliance requirements, e.g., SEBI, IRDAI. Information security audits are based on ISO standards, such as internal audits, e.g. ISO 27001.Review of existing control effectiveness and relevance.Information security gap and risk assessments, business impact analysis, privacy impact analysis.

Regulatory Compliance

Having the privilege to work closely with major regulators in the country we better understand the regulatory and industry expectations and can help organizations to identify, assess and evaluate gaps and guide them for continuous improvement. 


Increasing concerns about the protection of customer data and emerging regulations and legislations around privacy have made it essential for businesses to take proactive action in this regard. With suitable experience and background in data privacy Challenges.

ISO - 27001, 27701, 27017, 22301, 20000

As security challenges are everchanging with the business environment, compliance obligations, emerging technologies, and their innovative use, an appropriate strategy needs to be developed to cope with this dynamic environment.    

Implementation and Services

Implementation and Services

Implementation of suitable ISO standards such as ISO 27001, 22301, 27701, etc. Implementation of regulatory, statutory, legal infosec frameworks, guidelines etc. Review of existing security technology controls. Recommendation of suitable security technology solutions to strengthen the control structure.Implementation of various security technologies such as NGFW, DLP, ZTA, MFA, Cloud security, etc

Security Technologies

The security technology control effectiveness and efficiency clearly depend on HOW those technical controls are configured and not on WHICH technology is implemented. With our strong product knowledge, understanding of various technologies, and control requirements we can guide organizations to make EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT use of their security technologies to safeguard their critical and sensitive data and information.

ISO - 27001, 27701, 27017, 22301, 20000

Having vast experience in implementing the ISO standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 22301, etc. we can be trusted partners for any organization seeking to implement best practices based on these standards and align their business and information processes and get certified.

Shaking Hands

Reach us for an introductory session with our EXPERT!

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