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Looking at the versatility of businesses today, we have identified an open source platform which adopts itself to an organization's growth and becomes a catalyst to it. This Open Source platform helps create a digital roadmap for organizations and take a phased approach to implement. The platform addresses every aspect of an organization and helps integrating various departmental operations under one umbrella. The tool is specifically helpful for digital transformation for small and medium businesses who are cost conscious but still aspires to grow.

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The Enterprise Open Source Platform addresses all the operational and business aspects of an organization which includes:

  • Sales and Distribution

  • Finance

  • Procurement

  • Inventory

  • Warehouse 

  • Human Resource

  • Project Management

Its modular approach helps organizations to adopt modules as when their business demands. 

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Sales and Distribution: We help track the complete customer journey from the moment he engages with an organization till he procures any service or product. With its internal workflow automation capability it reduces the chances of human error and missing out on important opportunities. 

Manufacturing: Our manufacturing module enables to make organization efficient and effective in their overall process. Starting from creating a BOQ till production routing we automate the overall manufacturing process. Because of its open nature it can adopt any industry vertical with ease. 

Human Resource Management: We enable organizations to manage their human resources effectively and efficiently by reducing manual interventions. We automate the complete journey of an employee from the hiring stage to the exit stage.

Finance Automation: Our Finance and Accounting module provides the complete functionality to manage end to end financial transaction for an organization. With its extensive reporting capabilities, management has live updates on the financial status.

Procurement Automation: Buying the right product at the right price and right time is important for an organization's success and profit ratio. We provide the complete automation of procurement process for an organization to efficiently drive its purchase function. 

Inventory Management: Our inventory module covers every aspect starting from product management to Distribution order. We automate the complete Inventory management process with minimalistic manual intervention to avoid and delays and errors.