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Enterprise Resource Planning

Modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are helping next generation organizations across the globe t revolutionize their internal operations. Manufacturing companies are adopting cutting edge technology that are more aligned to their industry and are built to manage business processes on a real-time basis.

Modern ERP systems are an investment in your company’s operations to make it efficient, intelligent, and productive. A next generation ERP will enable your organization to become more productive, more competitive, and better positioned to meet your customers’ needs.

Are you still holding back yourself in investing in a Modern ERP for these reasons? 

ERP projects are more capital intensive and demands huge invenstments

Cloud based ERP are not industry focussed and follows one size fits all approach

Cloud is not secured for business critical applications and latency could hamper operations

Enterprise ERP takes a lot of time for deployment and adopting them can hamper operations

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Don's stop yourself from growing to the next level because of myths.

Adopting an modern ERP improves your organizational efficiency to the next level

Reasons you should take your next leap with a Cloud based ERP

Modernization can have a strategic impact on business. Without access to a modern ERP system, it’s difficult, often impossible, to support new business models and benefit from the improvements in key performance indicators (KPIs) that come with a successful ERP implementation.

Ease of Adoption with Cloud ERP

You will not reap the real benefits of an ERP if your users are not able to adopt the new technology easily. Next generation ERP's are easy to use and adopt to provide an ROI much faster.

Moved from Silos to Collaboration

With new age cloud ERP's you move into a more collaborative environment where each departments are connected for better co-ordination and achieving organizational objective together.

Improved Decision making

Enterprise analytics enable businesses to connect data across business silos and drill down on overall results and KPIs to functional contributors.

Make yourself distinct with improved KPI

Modern cloud based ERP's helps you to improve your KPI's with more automation and intensive monitoring so that you have and edge over your competition and make your delivery deadlines achievable more comfortably

Attract and Retain Talent

Modern day talents are digitally driven and you need to retain these talents with the best possible software to empower them. Modern day ERP's cater to these digital workers with industry specific business flows and interfaces

Horizontal to Vertical Focussed

Modern cloud ERP's are more vertical focussed with last mile feature inclusion which makes organizations adopt best practices without much effort and also there is a reduction in deployment time

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Cloud based ERP

Empowering modern day digital workforce for better collaboration and productivity. With last industry features cloud based ERP systems are ensuring that the digital workforce is equipped with the industry standard templates and workflows so that they can focus on their productivity rather than spending time on learning the software.

Pre-Built Industry Capabilities

Prepackaged workflows, content, integrations, and analytics are designed with industry best practices, informed by thousands of implementations.

Business Agility with Cloud Design

The ability deliver a simplified user experience, data aggregation, workflow integration, hyperscaling, automatic upgrades, and a data lake.

Better Business Insights with BI

An enterprise business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform that enables accurate, data-driven decisions.

Building Connected Enterprises

Virtual, vertical integrated-based, self- orchestrating value chains leverage data that companies need to run supply chains for end-to-end visibility.

Powered by AI to Unlock more Potential

AI that anticipates, recommends, and derives insights—while powering robotic process automation, machine learning, and IoT.

Better Value to Technlogy Investments

A service delivery methodology that delivers accelerated productivity and ensures customers realize maximum value from their technology investment.

We partnered with Infor for a reason

3rd Largest

ERP Company

$ 2.8 Bn









Go-Lives Last Year

$100 Bn

Trade in Commerce Cloud


Suppliers in Commerce Cloud


Cloud Customers

30 Banks

in Commerce Cloud

Why Konvexe for your Infor implementation

Our Capabilities

We believe in bringing industry specific expertise to ensure a smooth deployment of the system. Our network of consultants continuously works towards a co-ordinated and successful implementation by bringing their functional and technical expertise along with their knowledge of cloud.


We provide adaptive industry specific consulting to ensure best practices are adopted for maximum efficiency


We follow industry standard methodology along with Infor's set guidelines to ensure smooth and seamless deployment


We have integrated support system for shared and dedicated engagement to ensure hassle free post implementation phase and maximize system usage.

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