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Business Meeting

Dubai based retail conglomerate does process re-engineering and automate them to improve employee satifaction

About the Customer

The client is a Dubai based conglomerate with more than 11 companied under its banner. They are into multiple businesses starting from electronics, AV, IT retail to Human Resources. 

The client has been in operations in middle east for more than 2 decades with more than 500 employees and 700 blue collared workers.

With more than 15 locations within the GCC they are considered one of the largest conglomerates in the region.

Business Need

The client has more 1200 employees which includes around 500 office staff and 700 blue collared workers. It was huge task for the human resources team to keep track of all their critical employee documents and all associated HR functions. The client, for last 2 decades had been doing it on a home grown system which was taking a lot of productive time from the team in doing simple tasks.

They wanted a system which can digitize all employee records, automate employee requests, automate approvals and create a connected system between the organization and the employees. They wanted a platform which can be an effective communication medium between the employee and the employer.

The Solution

Konvexe provided an integrated automation and digital platform which helped the client achieve the below objectives:

  • Digitize Employee Records

  • Automate HR workflows

  • Automate HR Approvals

  • Automate reminders for critical deadlines

  • Consolidated report across all the group companies.

The solution is built on an enterprise Java based open source technology with facility of unlimited users and availability of source code for the client.


What is achieved

  • HR Process Engineering

  • HR Process Automation

  • Reminders

  • Approvals 

  • Reports

Businesswoman with Mask

"With Konvexe's Digital Platform we have improved our employee satisfaction by 90% and we hope this will keep increasing.

Manager - Human Resources

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