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Infor LN is one of the finest ERP's that is trusted by discreet manufactures. With its extensive capability to provide 360 degree view, it allows organizations to provide immediate response to customers, suppliers and regulatory authorities efficiently. It is available both On-Cloud and On-Premises option.

Infor LN Key Capabilities

Core enterprise resource planning capabilities

Take advantage of a single, global service that empowers industrial manufacturing—across every department, every site, and every country. The core enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities within Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise deliver everything companies need in a standard package.

Implementation Accelerator for Industrial Enterprise

Get up and running quickly with pre-configured business processes and data models, user-defined menus, and industrial manufacturing–specific training guides. Users will be productive faster, operate smarter, and learn how to take advantage of efficient process flows across the supply chain.

Mobile applications

Enable users to use and modify critical data on their mobile devices. Improve process efficacy and accelerate productivity with mobile applications that allow users to receive real-time data and respond immediately to important tasks.

Technology platform

Leverage Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise’s innovative, core technology service to enable seamless integration between systems, a unified user experience across all applications, organization-wide visibility into real-time data, and user collaboration.

Manufacturing process automation

Provide the next level of factory floor and warehouse automation, so industrial manufacturers an streamline production processes, speed inventory handling, track labor, and automate attendance operations.

Highly configured sales quoting

Make it simple for sales to quickly produce accurate customer quotes based on the highly customized and complex products they demand.

Business intelligence and analytics

Harness the power of a manufacturing-specific business intelligence (BI) and business analytics service that can understand and optimize complex processes in less time than traditional BI solutions. Using patented automation and machine learning technologies, Infor’s networked BI service connects teams and applications across the enterprise via a trusted network of analytics and insights to inform smarter decisions.

Supply chain collaboration

Support online collaboration among suppliers up and down the value chain, including logistics service providers, outside processors, purchase parts suppliers, and discrete purchase order suppliers.

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Delivering Agility with Industry Ready Frameworks

We understand the importance of effective, efficient and timely delivery and hence follow Infor Agility Framework to ensure maximum customer success and satisfaction

Pre-built critical industry capabilities

Prepackaged workflows, content, integrations, and analytics are designed with industry
best practices, informed by thousands
of implementations.

Cloud design drives business agility

The ability deliver a simplified user experience, data aggregation, workflow integration, hyperscaling, automatic upgrades, and a data lake.

Actionable insights with enterprise analytics

An enterprise business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform that enables accurate, data-driven decisions.

AI unlocks business potential

AI that anticipates, recommends, and derives insights—while powering robotic process automation, machine learning, and IoT.

Enterprises that has moved ahead with Infor LN

Aerospace and Defense
Industrial Manufacturing
Food and Beverages
Automotive and Transport
Chemicals and Pharma
Public Sector

Improving operational visibility helps organizations take right decision at the right time.

Why engage with Konvexe!

"A team of consultants with more than 20 years of experience in deploying successful Infor Projects"
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