Managed Security Services

Detect, Eliminate and Secure

We enable your business to grow by securing you.

We live in a continuous connected world today. Digital Transformation and its impact in our life cannot be denied. COVID-19 has again pushed us to a different level of digital adoption and we are dealing with it on a daily basis. While digital adoption has given us new avenues in a positive manner but it has also bought a new range cyber threats which are continuously evolving. To protect your environment from these smart and evolving threats, a perfect combination of people, process and technology is needed. However, managing all of them at the optimum level is always a challenge and not always cost effective. We provide Managed Security Services with our innovative technology, skilled people and optimised process to ensure your business is protected and is in the path of growth.

Our Value Proposition

What we provide

Intelligent Monitoring and Remediation

We provide an integrated platform with SIEM and SOAR capabilities which not only detects anomalies but also provides remeditation.

Security Posture Overview and Reporting

We continuously monitor your security posture against your business goals and indutry peers and provide risk management advise.

Process and Control Optimization

We bring ISO 27000, NESA, NIST, PCI DSS, HIPAA standards on-board to ensure you are complied with your industry standards.

Dedicated and Shared Resources

Depending on the business goals and demand we provide both the options of dedicated and shared skilled resources.

Hybrid Model for Optimization

We provide an hybrid on-site / off-site model to optimize cost and delivery to meet business demands.

Reduced MTTR and MTTI

With our proactive threat detection and remediation, we reduce Mean Time to Identify and Mean Time to Response.

Comprehensive Visibility 

The solution provides a single pane of glass view for all events and incidents across the organization and provides Real Time Analysis and Reporting.

Long Term Storage facility

Platform can store raw logs, flows and machine data for all sources in the ecosystem for 7 years. User can create customized query on this stored data.

Attack path identification and simulation

We bring an integrated XDR solution to collect data from all endpoints and use AI to create attack path simulation in real time

Intelligent Dark Web Monitoring

We not only monitor threats in the internet but also keep an eye on the dark web and keep you alert on how attackers are looking at your organization.

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Prime Infoserv LLP is a solution and service centric organization with range of solutions on wide platforms and technologies. They focus on Information Security and IT SOlutions. Their aim is to deliver solutions that enhance performance, lower costs, reduce risk and build competitive value additions by improving reliability, speed and agility.

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