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Manufacturing and Distribution


Driving Innovation in Manufacturing through Digitalization

Modern day manufacturing needs to be agile

There is a continuous demand for manufacturing and distribution companies to meet aggressive turn around timelines and also adhere to the global industry standards. 

The workforce needs to be motivated, efficient and effective to deliver expected results and achieve challenging goals.

We bring industry knowledge and technical capabilities to transform manufacturing companies to deliver optimum results.

Cloud Based ERP

Business Agility with Cloud Powered Platform

Adopt digital transformation to make your business agile with industry focussed functionalities and last mile feautures

Core Operations

Make your enterprise resource planning more effective and efficient with industry ready functionalities and feat

Cloud Ready

The cloud ready platform not only makes digital adoption easier but also adapts to your growth seamlessly

Analytics and BI

Leverage the power of manufacturing focussed analytics and business intelligence platform to take right decisions at the right time

Supply Chain

Automate your supply chain process to ensure your production lines fucntion at the optimum capacity

Shop Floor Automation

Provide the next level of factory floor and warehouse automation, to streamline production processes, speed inventory handling, track labor, and automate attendance operations.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Business Process Automation

Modern day manufacturing needs lots of automation to keep them agile in their business. We provide a comprehensive approach to automate critical business processes and reduce manual intervention. This makes manufacturing organizations and their team more efficient, innovative and productive.

Process Re-engineering

We bring industry subject matter experts to advise organizations on the transformation goals and ensure they adhere to the best practices for maximum results with optimum effort.

Technology Intervention

We bring an ecosystem of best in class technologies to execute identified business processes and ensure they are aligned with industry best practices. We ensure that technology becomes an enabler of growth.


We understand the agility of business scenario changes and create a collaborative environment with our customers to adopt changes during their growth seamlessly.

Job interview

Human Capital Management

Organizational growth depends on its manpower resources, their efficacy and productivity. Human Resource Departments face various challenges to day to ensure lower attrition rate and higher productivity. We provide a cloud based Human Capital Management platform which can make HR departments more agile and effective in ensuring employee happiness and productivity.

Reasons for Adopting a Smart HCM Solution

Worker with Yellow Helmet

Digital Adoption in Manufacturing

We ensure last mile features

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