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Take leap for your next growth with our Manufacturing Automation System

Manufacturing Automation

and Industry 4.0

Reducing Cost and Optimizing Resources will become the top priority of manufacturing industry in the coming years. They have start looking at innovative solutions which will help them face the disruption with resilience and keep optimising their production. However, customer satisfaction cannot be compromised while focussing on optimization. Our Manufacturing Automation System provides a comprehensive solution to address the need of all modern day organizations.

Our solution ensures that every aspect of a manufacturing process is addressed and optimised. Our coverage starts from:

  • Automation of Bill of Material

  • Manufacturing Resource Planning 

  • Forecasting

  • Production Plan and Order

  • Production Execution

  • Quality Management

  • Maintenance

  • Resource and Rate Management

  • Production Routing and Optimization

Our solution is built on Open Standards and can get integrated with existing Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) systems and provide a holistic view of the overall scenario. The Manufacturing Resource Planning module extensively helps customers to:

  • Forecast Demand

  • Inventory Control

  • Improve Production Efficiency

  • Improve Manpower Planning

  • Increase ROI

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has today enabled integration of modern manufacturing techniques with IoT and cloud to build intelligent environments to drive higher productivity.

We are capable of providing comprehensive solution to manufacturing organizations which is a combination of:

  • Industrial IoT

  • Cloud Platform

  • Cyber Physical Systems

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Cognitive Computing

Industry 4.0.png

Industry 4.0 Consulting

Industry 4.0 consulting.png

We also provide consulting services adopting Industry 4.0 and provide a complete roadmap. Our consultation service includes:

  • Assessment and Guidance on existing infrastructure readiness for i4.0 

  • Complete IIoT System Architecting, Implementation and Deployment support

  • Data pre-processing and preparation for basic to advance analytics or modeling

  • Algorithm development for predictive analysis and forecasting