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Covid-19 and Cyber Security.

Cyber security has to evolve during this pandemic of COVID-19 because of the changing demands of business.

What we seen last one year, no one has ever imagined in their lifespan. The pandemic has completely changed our lives. The impact on business and how it is conducted today was never there in the boardroom discussions. Work from Home became a new normal and digital took a dominant role in all the businesses. With this new tsunami of digital technologies the security posture has completely changed. The age old security architectures have started giving up on the new age threats.

All cyber security companies were thrown a challenge of stopping the unknown. Policy based perimeter security was no longer the game. Users have started moving beyond the perimeter now. We needed something which is smart, intelligent and agile which can keep organizations ahead of the attackers.

“New Age Threats need New Age Cyber Security”

The real use cases of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and BlockChain were be seeked by the industry. This is the time when technology needs to merge with human intelligence to create a sustainable security posture to mitigate threats of now and future.

The focus of security had already changed from the data center to the end points in last couple of years and this pandemic has pushed us further. The VPN is no longer considered to be the safe way to connect remote users. Technologies which can create secure channel from the end user to the organizational resources with digital identity was needed. Zero Trust philosophy was needed to get real and implemented in applied cyber security technologies. This would ensure that a user is never trusted based on his credentials but is verified based on various parameters defined by the organization.

Also, while the user is connecting to the organizational resources either on the inhouse data center or hybrid cloud environment, it should be done through a encrypted channel and concept of SDP ( software defined perimeter) can come handy.

With Artificial Intelligence, threat monitoring has to take the next leap and create a unique blend of human and machine to protect your assets.

Covid-19 has taken us to a stage in cyber security which will only evolve on a rapid pace from here and there is no looking back. So fasten your seat belts and welcome to the future.

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