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Integrated automation strategy

Automation in silos may not be effective in a digital transformation journey.

We have started hearing about automation in last couple years very frequently. We have heard people talking about process automation, sales automation, operational automation etc. In the past many organizations have tried to automation areas of organizations in silos and tried achieve efficiency. But in reality this approach has never given th real potential of automation.

Automation needs a detailed approach. A consultation to identify the AS-IS scenario and understanding of the desired state is very crucial. Once we understand the origin and the destination, the journey can crafted effectively.

Based on the desired objective than an organization wants to achieve, the areas of priority are identified. These areas are then mapped with the appropriate interventions to digitize and automate. During this process the identification of the right technology is also important. If not chosen wisely, managing the technology takes the priority than the real transformation which is desired.

So to take the real benefit of automation we should take the consult, identify and execute approach.

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