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Blockchain for Cyber Security


The recent digital transformation has opened up various new avenues for hackers to compromise your business critical data. With perimeters slowly fading away, it has become challenge for the IT teams to mitigate newer challenges in protecting their critical digital assets. Innovation has to the key to counter modern day threats in this newly exploded digital space.

We put a constant effort to bring innovation in every area of digital transformation and ensure that the journey for our customers is an easy and seamless one. In the process of doing so we have connected with various innovative technology companies who has taken disruptive approach in handling challenging situations. Block Armour is one such technology which has used Blockchain as a technology and Zero Trust as a philosophy to handle modern day cyber threats. With a NIST compliant framework it handles distributed environments in an entirely new manner. Using a blockchain based digital identity and SDP architecture Block Armour provides seamless access to digital assets of an organization hosted in a hybrid environment and users accessing it either within the perimeter or remotely. It creates immense value for an organization by unifying access to critical assets in a most innovative manner.

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