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Secured Digital Transformation

Getting into a digital journey needs to be well planned and executed to make it smooth.

Digital infusion in businesses has started decades back but it started getting accelerated when this term called "Digital Transformation" was glamorized. Even though organizations started adopting digital technologies like ERP, CRM, SCM, BI etc. years ago, they were brought under umbrella of Digital Transformation only few years back with edge computing taking the front seat.

With the emergence of edge technology and mobility getting taking its pace, the journey has started taking a new accelerated route. When edge devices started accessing your business critical data, securing them became a priority. So, today a simple digital transformation journey will not help an organization till they don't do it in a secured way.

Secured digital transformation may have various aspects which needs to be looked upon. We have to make the edge devices agile and secure before we let them access the organizational resources. The next priority should be the channel through which they communicate to the core. Then the users using the edge devices needs to be provided digital identities to provide access.

The security companies need to re-access and re-look into their way of addressing this new age digital environment. A minute attention to each detailed parameters of a digital environment is a must.

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