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SAP Audit and its need.

SAP needs no introduction to the business community. A brand that has delivered excellence since 1972 and has helped thousands of businesses to transform themselves. It still continues to do so even today. SAP has the capability to provide an un-parallel experience if utilized to its fullest potential. And this needs quality experts who can stick to the organization to guide them how to use SAP to its maximum limit.

There are many factors an organization needs to consider while running its business in an optimum manner. Processes are laid down and various international standards are followed to keep the operations optimized and efficient. Along with the internal processes, they also need to adhere to Government regulations which, if not followed, can result in heavy penalties. Organizations using SAP can certainly align to these processes and regulations if guided professionally. A time to time audit and creating a mitigation plan to address the gap on the SAP environment can deliver wonders.

Areas which might need constant attention are:

  1. Alignment of Management Controls with Business Processes

  2. Adherence to accounting standards

  3. Maintenance of Documentation

  4. Constant assessment and execution of business critical activities

  5. Monitoring the Cost and optimizing it.

An regular audit to assess the current situation helps in achieving the below mentioned broad objectives:

  1. Optimal use of the SAP environment to an organization's advantage

  2. Mitigating potential Security risks either technical or financial.

  3. Adherence to GRC and Quality Standards

  4. Technical Optimization

  5. Compliance to New Tax Policies

Our SAP Audit services help our customers to achieve the above mentioned objectives in a structured manner. The consultants hold more than a decade of experience in delivering medium and large scale SAP projects.

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