Automate your procurement process to improve operational efficiency and generate profits

Procurement Automation

Effectiveness of a procurement team is directly proportional to the cost and time saving of any organization. Automation of procurement process helps an organization in the following:

Minimizing manual errors: Spreadsheets, faxes, and emails have been used extensively in the direct procurement processes but unfortunately, the inconsistency of data can lead to a faulty supply chain. These methods give immense chances of data entry errors, inconsistent data and faulty reports. A Faulty procurement process can directly hamper your supply chain and eventually your production. This can directly impact customer satisfaction and lead to revenue loss. With minimal manual data entry and other related tasks, procurement automation improves your business performance and helps you overcome revenue loss


Monitoring Supplier Performance: Supplier play an important role in the whole productions process. Their on-time acknowledgement of LPO, on-time delivery, price of materials makes or breaks the deadlines agreed for your customers. Manual worksheet doesn’t give insights to your supplier performance and you may end up placing your order with an under performing supplier. Automation of Procurement process improves communication between buyer, supplier and all other stakeholders to optimize production and minimize customer dissatisfaction.


Collaborate and Grow: Our purpose-built procurement automation system improves the overall organizational performance. Integration with your ERP and CRM is seamless in our system and this gives you the opportunity to get holistic input on your overall production process. This collaboration helps organizations to:

  • Improve Buyer seller communication

  • Improve Visibility of Data

  • Optimize performance by real time feedback and inputs

  • Better resource allocation.


Automation of RFQ process:

We help you to automate the RFQ process by helping you to analyze supplier performance, Price Comparison, Mapping your requirements with the proposal. This will help you to take the right decision quickly and avoid delays in the LPO release.


Automation of LPO Process:

Integration your Process Automation System with your existing ERP will help you to minimize errors and delays in releasing Purchase orders to your vendors. Tracking your purchase order against your suppliers with appropriate feedbacks will help you to improve the efficiency of the procurement team.


Improved Quality Check: Our Procurement automation system helps you to track the incoming check of items, placing them in a queue for QC and flag for a review in order to simplify your quality control processes. If any material fails to pass the inspection, the reviewer can input the reasons into our system and communicate with the supplier for return of the material.

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Our Services


we provide initial consulting to our customers to help them understand their as-is situation, processes and policies to manage their Procurement Process. We identify various gaps that can result in financial inaccuracy and revenue loss and define roadmap to mitigate those gaps. We bring industry standard Procurement Automation process and map with the customer environment seamlessly which will help successful deployment of the system.


Our system is  Java based and with its source code availability, it makes it easier for us to customize the application the desired level of our clients. Even though most of the features are available readily in the application but some businesses demand specific requirements. And we can customize exactly aligned to the business requirement and get enterprises accelerating in their customer engagement.


Our system has the lowest Go to Market timelines because of 80:20 ration of configuration and customization. Most of the functionalities required by modern enterprise are present in the system. It needs to configured according to the business demands of the organization. Because of its adherence to open standards, it can get integrated with any existing system seamlessly.


We provide end to end support for all our deployments with models which can meet all sorts of customer environments. We provide both onsite and offsite support options depending on the criticality.