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Secured Cloud Access

Securely access your applications from multiple cloud

Let cloud be your business enabler

While cloud has now been a part of all major IT strategies for most of the organizations, it has been reported that many has not achieved the desired outcome. It is expected that opting for a cloud journey can help an organization transform its operations dramatically. With flexibility, elasticity and efficiency considered as the major objectives that can be achieved, IT leaders had to still worry about the security posture with cloud adoption. Secured cloud access is not a unidirectional strategy which can be achieved with a single point solution. Rather its a unified strategy which can finally lead an organization to achieve secured cloud access in a hybrid environment. 

With the business critical applications residing in a complex environment of on-premise and multi-cloud environments, IT security leaders has started looking out for comprehensive solution which gives unified security with extensive visibility of their hybrid cloud environment. We enable our customers to overcome this security barrier and make cloud adoption a secured and efficient journey. Let cloud become your business enabler.

What we provide


We understand cloud and its complexities when it comes to securing it. We provide a detailed analysis of your current security posture vis a vis your expected posture when you decide to adopt cloud. We provide adaptive strategies and next generation solutions for secured cloud access which are based on Zero Trust Architecture and Block Chain.

Cloud environments are dynamic and their associated threats are also continuously changing. Legacy ways of securing your environments are not any more effective which needs manual intervention. Our AI enabled cloud security platforms automate the threat mitigation process to ensure continuous protection from the ever changing threats.


With applications residing over hybrid environments with multiple cloud platforms involved, preventing a threat based on fixed policies are a challenge. We provide a new age secured cloud access solution which works on a Zero Trust Architecture. Access to critical applications are provided only on verification of necessary parameters. Software Defined Perimeter( SDP) also makes your core environment invisible from hackers

Managed and Unmanaged application in a multi-cloud environments adds to the security complexities. A comprehensive visibility of your entire cloud application landscape provides you with full details on all the activities that happening. All event logs generated from the activities happening in the environment are also monitored. Because of Block Chain it prevents any logs from getting tampered.



Why Choose Us

Our solutions are designed to bring resilience in this disruptive environment through innovative approach. We leverage on new age technologies like AI and Block Chain to secure your cloud environment.

New Age Cloud Security

For the new age threats we don't provide legacy solutions to protect your cloud environment. Our solutions are for the next generation and built for the future.

Zero Trust Architecture

Our solutions are built on Zero Trust architecture and provides security for the modern day needs. With our micro segmentation approach we provide granular security to your applications hosted on hybrid cloud environment.

End to End Protection from Edge to Cloud

We understand the intrinsic approach of today's IT environment where everything is strictly knit together. Our Approach is holistic and provides integrated Security

Block Chain and Software Defined Perimeter

With software defined perimeter(SDP),  your cloud environment invisible from the attackers. We protect your logs via block chain technology to ensure maximum protection.

Our Partners


Award-winning Cybersecurity Platform which simplifies your network access management needs by unifying access management across enterprise and IoT while at the same time enforcing Zero Trust principles across your ecosystem.


The Netskope Security Cloud provides unrivaled visibility and real-time data and threat protection when accessing cloud services, websites, and private apps from anywhere, on any device.