Secured IoT

Securing your edge efficiently

The Evolution of Edge Computing and the need to secure it.

We are unanimously moving towards a smart and connected world.  From smart cities, smart houses to smart factories everything around us has started becoming smarter and communicating with each other. With 5G computing coming in autonomous devices will be the next sought after thing. With edge devices generating and transferring so much of data among each other and connecting to the core systems has opened avenues for attackers. To protect your end computing, we need to have an entirely modern approach and our solution brings that uniqueness to secured IoT environment.

What we offer

Robust Edge Protection Technology

With our software defined perimeter security, we ensure that the IoT gateways and your core system is completely invisible from the attackers. We follow a complete Zero Trust architecture and access is given based on various identity parameters and behavior is verified.

Powered by Block Chain Technology

Our Solution is powered by block chain based digital identity and authentication mechanism. With the de-centralized and distributed architecture of Block Chain Technology, IToT devices are secured and protected from any single point of failure.

Military Grade Encryption Technology

Our solution uses military grade encryption mechanism to ensure secure communication between all smart devices and edges. It also ensures that there is no breach in the security channel and logs are not tempered. This is made possible because of our block chain based architecture.

Micro-segmentation for granular security. 

Our micro-segmentation based security mechanism provides granular security to applications getting accessed from IoT devices. It ensures that the right access is provided to the right devices and a continuous monitoring is done.

Our Partners


Block Armour has developed a next gen Zero Trust Cybersecurity solution IOT Armour designed explicitly for connected devices, integrated IoT systems and related communication networks.

IOT Armour harnesses private Blockchain-based digital signatures to identify, authenticate and authorize the connected devices. It thereby comprehensively secures the core IoT systems, the devices, and the IoT communications network and delivers an enhanced Software-Defined Perimeter using private permissioned Blockchain and Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology.