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Unified Secured Access

Demand for disruption in a Digital Era

The world has moved towards a total digital economy is last 5 years and organizations across the world are in a race to match their industry peers. Digital economy has created opportunities for growth but along with that it has also opened newer gates for cyber threats. This needs a completely new mitigating approach as traditional ways of security has failed to adapt to the agility of new age threats. 

Fact Checks of Digital Transformation

Organizations have invested heavily on digital technologies to meet their growing demands but ignored the need of innovation to protect these digital assets. This has led to a huge gap and new age cyber threats have become a challenge for them.


Businesses are currently going through some form of digital transformation, either to improve their offering or to streamline their operations, with many already seeing the benefits of financial investments made.


Customers have take Digital Adoption  beyond standard areas like Operations and Customer Services and its coverage is increasing with every passing moment. Innovation has become a mandate


Business are still using traditional approach and have not re-vamped or invested in next generation technologies to protect their digital assets when they have invested heavily in building them.

Digital Investment Facts

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Around 12% of businesses strongly agree and 38% agree that the more technology you implement, the more at risk you are of a cyber attack if adequate controls are not implemented

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Digital Adoption Challenges

End Points including Laptops, Desktops, IoT Sensors, Apps are major sources of Security Breach

Providing Trusted and Secured mechanism of accessing digital assets by internal and external users

How do we add additionall layer of protection beyond traditional mechanisms

How do we protect a Digital Assets hosted on hybrid environments effectively

Remote Working

Bringing Zero Trust and Blockchain for securing Digital Assets modern enterprises.

With the rising complexities in the IT environments because of Digital Adoption, organizations need an unified mechanism to access their digital assets. Block Armour focuses on harnessing modern approached and emerging technologies such as Blockchain to counter growing cybersecurity challenges in bold new ways. Powered by Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) architecture and Blockchain technology and aligned with the NIST Zero Trust Framework, Block Armour solutions are helping organizations consolidate their Cybersecurity investments while enabling them to enforce Zero Trust principles and defend against next-gen cyberattacks.

Protects User Identity for accessing digital assets

Protects Systems hosted in hybrid environment

Protects Data from un-authorized access

Protects Devices ranging from Laptops to IoT

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Minimizing the complexities, Block Armour provides a platform that fully empowers digital transformation by protecting all the aspects which poses cyber threat. 

It ensures that organizations can focus on their digital transformation goals without worrying for their security of digital assets.

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