Talent Development Initiative

Want to be the next gen "Tecnopreneur" 

It was a dream to start a technology company which not only improves our customers operating environments but also to empower upcoming talents to join this ever growing dynamic industry with confidence.

Konvexe's Talent Development Initiative is one such step to develop young talents under the mentorship of industry leaders and help them achieve a 360 degree perspective is defining their career goals.

Under the Talent Development Initiative we have prepared an extentensive internship program where we have created a platform to nurture innovative ideas. Unlike other internship programs where organizations provide standard operating procedures for interns, we will open a two way communication channel.


  • Provide industry relevant soft skill techniques to deal with the corporate world better.

  • Encourage interns to bring their ideas on how technology can make human lives better.

  • Identify and acknowledge bright and innovative ideas which are directed the objective.

  • Create a platform for the interns to execute these ideas under the guidance of industry experts.

  • Market those ideas under the umbrella of Konvexe and help monetize them with profit share with the interns.






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