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Doctor and Patient

European healthcare provider company adopts AI based digital communication system for their UAE operations to improve customer satisfaction

About the Customer

The client is an international healthcare diagnostic service provider who are present in 20 Plus countries across the globe. They provide critical services like :

  • RT- PCR testing

  • Blood Test

  • Laboratory Diagnostic Services

  • Imaging Diagnostic Services

  • Pathology Diagnostic Services 

  • Advanced Diagnostic Services

They are in this service for more than 3 decades and they have always focussed on improved customer care over the years.​

Business Need

The client provides various diagnostic services for patients but during these pandemic times, their main focus is on providing hassle free RT-PCR test to its clients. With Expo 2020 happening in Dubai, the client has seen a heavy surge of test requests in the Expo site where they have set up a sample collection center. With their goal of providing continuous and world class customer services, the client wanted to set us a new age communication system though which they can interact with their customers effectively and advise them on various requests.

They also wanted a solution which can be accessed from any location by their customer service personal and they should be able to support their clients seamlessly.

The Solution

Konvexe has suggested ZIWO , a modern day AI enabled communication solution to continuously improve customer satisfaction. Konvexe has suggested ZIWO as its one of the most used platforms in the GCC region and we are confident that the client will take their customer interaction quality to the next level with ZIWO.

  • Greater than 99.9% uptime

  • 240M API calls/month

  • 40M Call Recording processed for

    Machine Learning

  • 40 Employees

  • Subsidiaries in:

  • UAE - USA - France - Saudi Arabia- India

Ziwo is a Cloud contact center software deployed instantly. Full API based. CRM Plugins. Connect real Agents & Bots. Phone numbers in 150+ countries. Everywhere in the GCC and 150+ countries globally with the highest voice quality.

  • GCC and 150+ countries globally with the highest voice quality

  • Omni Channel

  • Access from Anywhere

  • Integrate with almost anything

  • AI driven platform for continuous improvement.


What is achieved

With Ziwo customer has allowed its agents to sit anywhere and server their customer requests in this critical time of Covid-19. This has improved their customer satisfaction by 95%

  • Their agents can call and receive calls from anywhere in the world from a localized number

  • Omni Channel platform integrating with major customer centric applications for integrated communication.

  • AI Driven platform to continuously analyze and improve.

  • Improved and fast customer communication.

Hotline Consultant

" With Ziwo we have been able to communicate with our customers faster and better during this pandemic time. Our customer satisfaction level has increased to 95% even with this pandemic rush.

Manager - Customer Services

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