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Our Story

Where imaginations are nurtured to ideas that deliver excellence

Konvexe is a IT Services and Consulting provider company that aims to bring innovation to create a impactful businesses with digital technologies. We were born in the year 2019 in the midst of Covid-19 when the world suddenly stopped and future started looking grim and unsettling. Organizations were continuously struggling to keep their businesses profitable and were completely caught un-aware of this situation. This was the result of not taking the power of digital transformation seriously and creating adaptable use-cases in the past.

We, as a young and agile organization brought a bouquet of solutions that helped numerous organizations realize their digital transformation deals amidst the pandemic and keep their businesses floating. Our focus remained on three pillars:



Every challenge can be approached in two different ways: using proven and established methods which has a high chance of success and using creative and innovative thinking which can change the way a challenge is resolved. 

We chose a mix of both and put our weight on the second option more so that we can create a differentiation for ourselves in front of our customer and bring real value for their business.

Every technology has the natural ability to change an organization in the way it operates. However, with most of the time the adoption time leads to frustration among organizations and technology starts becoming a liability than an asset. Our innovative and cloud ready business focussed digital platforms makes this adoption journey seamless. With last mile industry feature and lesser customization and configuration requirement, we show value in a shorter time and keep our customers excited in their digital journey.





The success of any digital roadmap depends the execution methodology taken. We create a perfect blend of industry expertise and technology expertise to ensure that executing any digital transformation project is seamless and transparent. By understanding industry specific business processes and mapping it with the technology features and guiding with the right project management skills helps us to deliver the right value to our customers

Design Studio

We believe in growth!

Make a part of your growth journey and we will bring innovation to make it exciting one.

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