Our Mission

Transformation is not necessarily complicated if approached in a structured manner. We help structure those sustainable frameworks for transformation to make organizations resilient to disruption.

Our Story

The stakeholders of Konvexe have been in the industry for more than two decades. Over the last two decades of experience made us realize one important thing- Technology is a never-ending phenomenon. It has continuously evolved to become an integral part of our lives. In the last one decade the thin line between technology and humans have started disappearing. Our need as humans have started to create ways for different innovations. These innovations have started impacting the way we live today and  have created a connected human race. This very nature of staying connected to the whole world effortlessly has changed our work culture too. Businesses, irrespective of their nature and size has started considering the connected and digital way of doing business. Often in the process of adopting to this continuously changing phenomenon, organizations tend to get off-track and end up in a phase where there are negative operational, financial and moral impact.


We saw the need of guiding these organizations to adopt this digital phenomenon in a resilient and sustainable way and let their business get impacted positively. Staying Digitally connected requires various changes and introduction of new interventions in the organization. Organizations often get challenged by budget and looks for innovative ways to achieve their objectives. Konvexe, after identifying that need, created a collaborative approach of bringing various innovative technology companies from across the world under one agreement and deliver interventions in cost effective way.

A word from our CEO

We started Konvexe amidst the pandemic and that was quite a bold step. The intention was very clear from day one. Bring innovation to create sustainability by using technology during these tough times.


We spoke about Digital Transformation decades back but the real business need came for transformation during this pandemic. We decided to create an ecosystem of solution which can impact your way of doing business in a positive and secured way during these tough times. 


Innovation being the key, we thrive to continuously evolve and keep making our customers ready for all kinds of future disruption.

Arindam Baruah

CEO and Co-Founder - Konvexe