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Healthcare and Diagnostics

Technology has taken front seat in post Covid-19 Healthcare sector

The healthcare sector had faced a reality check during the covid-19 pandemic and it will continue to do so in the future. Readiness to face any sort of challenges in the future and serve patients seamlessly can only be possible with adoption of new and innovative technology. In the core medical field there has been many revolutionary changes via technical intervention, we have also aligned our strategy to provide various next generation technologies for specific services that healthcare providers needs to server their patients.

Digitalize your Diagnostic Lab

A Single Platform For Diagnostic Labs to Deliver Personalized Patient Experience, Improve TAT & Optimize Costs

Product Portfolio

Crelio Health covers the entire spectrum of Lab operations and ensures there is a seamless co-ordination between labs and patients

A Young Scientist looking through a microscope

Crelio LIMS

Crelio LIMS provides a complete automation platform for Labs to ensure seamless operations. It provides features like:

  • Order Booking

  • Sample Collection

  • Accession

  • Processing

  • Report Entry

  • Signing 

  • Dispatch

Doctor and Patient

Crelio CRM

Crelio provides an integrated experience for customers from the time they visit your website till they receive their service. The CRM provides:

  • Facility of direct booking from the website

  • Interactive App for customers

  • Digital Payment Channels

  • Targeted Marketing for improving customer reach


Crelio Inventory

Crelio Inventory provides a collective way to manage your inventory and save costs. The platform provides:

  • Real Time Inventory Details

  • Inventory Planning and Ledger

  • Dashboard for departments and management

  • Automatic stock consumption

  • Alerts and Notifications

Patient Communication Platform

The digital era patients needs the comfort of various channels to reach out for their desired medical services. The health service provider also needs to cater to their clients in faster and efficient manner to ensure that the services are received by them on a time. 

We provide a cloud based communication platform which provides seamless communication mechanism across various digital channels to the patients.

Medical Team

Voice based call center with automation

Intelligent AI enabled chatbots

Social Media Integration

Smart analytics for all communication

Managing Medical Assets

An automated platform to manage and monitor critical medical equipments


Asset Performance Management

Manage your critical assets to ensure maximum productivity and minimizing cost with evidence based maintenance mechanism.


Digital Transformation in Maintenance

Manage and maintain your critical assets with the most advanced technologies to ensure maximum productivity of your team


Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Adhere to compliances and safety requirements with ease with multiple digital interfaces 


Mobility for Agile workforce

Make your workforce agile with advanced mobile technology to track, maintain and manage critical assets.

Medical Text

A digitally powered healthcare for better tomorrow

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