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Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas has gone through enormous digital transformation

The oil and gas industry has gone though various levels of digital transformation over the years and in the recent times the evolution of IoT and OT has fueled new levels of transformation. The recent studies have revealed that the data explosion that has happened because of connected devices has resulted in making these O&G companies think Digital in a very different way. 

They want to move from a reactive mindset to pr-active mindset with the ocean of data available with them and ensure they are ready for any sort of situation in realtime. We have focussed on some critical areas of O&G industry to transform them effectively.

The Data Advantage

Making Organizations Data Driven for Agility

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Improve Agility with Modern Data Architecture

The modern day data architecture we bring, is more business focussed than technology. With cloud and automation playing a major role, it provides ready use cases to O&G companies to ensure they get insights which are related to their operations. The inclusion of AI/ML has given added power to collaboration.


Unification of Data provides real analysis

Data is silos has created multiple bottlenecks for organizations. With the increase in digital assets and increased volume of data generated from them has to handled carefully.Our platform provides an seamless integration mechanism integrate all data sources to provide business ready output


Leveraging Data as a Service for Scalability

The world has moved towards collaboration and with cloud, this has become the next factor for growth. Analysis of data in silos has always provided in-correct perspective. Our Data as a Services model helps O&G organizations to leverage on a larger perspective and get insights which are more industry and business driven


Business Outcome based Approach

The business users will always look for an analysis which impacts their business processes. Even the best technology cannot provide the right outcome without industry knowledge. We understand the business requirements of various departments of O&G industry and ensure our technology platform aligns to real outcome.

Our Approach


Industry specific resources to ensure complete understanding of business processes


Right mix of technology platforms to ensure accurate deliverable


Robust project management for quick and timely execution to ensure maximum ROI


Agile on-site and off-site support model for ensuring seamless operation

Enterprise Asset Management

Making your assets perform at optimal level

Asset Tagging

We tag critical assets with digital technologies like RFID, QR Code and IoT sensors to ensure accurate data capture of assets

Asset Monitoring

We use a connected platform to track data transmitted from various assets to ensure seamless monitoring of their performance

Asset Maintenance

We automate and augment the entire maintenance process to ensure maximum efficiency and uptime of assets

Analytics and Reporting

We use AI / ML powered tools to provide critical analytical data to ensure that the stakeholders can take right decisions.

Sustainability and Environment

Leveraging Technology to Make our World more greener

We bring an AI based platform to provide you the right insights and data to ensure your critical assets perform at the optimum level and adhere to all guidelines of respective authorities to be greener organization

Emission Control with AI

Reducing Energy Wastage

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Improving Asset Performance

Be the change to bring change

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