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Retail and Distribution

Consumers look for more than convenience while shopping

The evolution of retail business has been tremendous post pandemic. The consumers acceptance of digital technologies and its reach in the society has been beyond expectation. The customers has started looking beyond ease of shopping and additional convenience provided by the retail companies. The retailers have to address various areas like source of goods, warehousing compliance, omni-channel communication etc. which were not on priority earlier. It has increased the demand for innovative digital technologies in the retail and distribution segment and it will only be an north bound journey from here on.


Industry Focussed ERP

We Address the Entire Ecosystem

We provide an integrated industry ready ERP system which provides end to end functionality to a retail company and adopt a complete digital roadmap.

With its last mile industry features, it ensures faster deployment, higher adaptability and more success rate. 

Production and Distribution.png

Challenges Mitigated

Right goods at the right place

Cater to the mobile centric consumers

Helps in retaining talent

Meaningful analysis to plan growth

Address post covid retail scenario

Effective Customer Communication


Customer satisfaction depends on how we listen to them effectively and that their concerns are addressed. We provide a cloud based, AI enabled customer communication platform which can be used to reach customers though various digital channels providing an unified experience.

360 Deg View of Customer

Unified Communication

Smart Analytics based on AI

Interactive IVR System

Smart Call Tracking 

BOT and Automation

Let's create revolution in the retail segment

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